Overflow System


In this type of pools, which is the most common, the pool has an overflow channel, which is a trench that surrounds it, and is covered by a removable gratings. Surface water flows over the edge of the pool, and runs by gravity to the balancing tank, from which the water is pumped, filtered and then returns to the pool through the floor inlets.

Skimmer System

skimmer sys

In this type of pools, water is generally recovered through skimmers located on one or more tank-walls. This means that the water level is positioned at approx 10/20 cm under the pool deck. All the debris that floats on the surface (leaves, hair, etc.) is drawn to the skimmers.  Once the water is filtered, it returns to the pool through the wall inlets.

Endless / Infinity System


Infinity pools are also known as vanishing edge or negative edge pools. They have one or more sides where the pool edge terminates in a weir that is 15 – 25 mm lower than the median pool water level. The water cascades over the weir into a collection trough that runs along beneath the whole length of the weir. The effect is very beautiful scenery, especially if the pool is located high up on a hillside.

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